Kratom, Kava and coronavirus Covid19

We have received questions from some of our customers regards the coronavirus and kratom/kava products.
Here are some questions and answers to those.

We are happy to announce that we are still able to fulfill all your orders, but there might be some delays in delivery times and customer support.

Is Kratom and Kava safe from Coronavirus?

The short answer is yes! It is practically impossible for you to get Covid19 from our Kratom or other products. 

The coronavirus cannot live and be viable outside the host for a long time. Usually, just one or a few hours is enough to practically render any viruses non-viable. In some favorable conditions, it could be a day or some days, but these are edge cases.

This means only the time to ship the kratom from South East Asia to our warehouse and waiting for the safety analysis results, would make any possible virus non-viable meaning it can't cause any diseases anymore. In this light, only the delivery time from our warehouse to the customer should be adequate to eliminate any virus.

Also, kratom powder is a very poor breeding ground for the virus that needs a moist and/or greasy patch to stay viable.

Are your deliveries safe?

Our packaging process ensures the packaging and the product is safe from any biological contamination, not only coronavirus (see below). Also, when picking and shipping your order, we use proper and certified safety gear, which ensures the parcels leave our facility as safe as possible. 

Can I get the Covid19 Coronavirus from kratom or Kava?

In addition to the information provided above, the answer is still no. Coronavirus transfers from one person to another, not via powders.

Our kratom is packaged in a GMP compliant, sterile facility and the orders are fulfilled with great caution and using required safety equipment.

Can I be sure my order is delivered?

Currently, we are able to fulfill all the orders and we monitor this daily!

If we see that it would become impossible or difficult to fulfill your orders, we will inform our customers and will halt the sales before any major problems are going to emerge.