Who are SEBotanicals - Our Story!

SEBotanicals is one of the leading vendors of ethnobotanicals materials in the US. We have a long history of importing and sourcing most of the household botanicals you have probably heard of.

We have specialized sourcing many widely known household brands their raw materials and now we are bringing these same products directly to you.

In fact, if you have purchased kratom or any other popular botanicals from some other vendors, you have likely purchased products sourced by us.


Our story starts many years ago in Indonesia with a couple of nature enthusiast, when we first heard about the miracle plant called kratom. We created a trusted network of sustainably operating suppliers and started providing kratom to many of the largest vendors in the US. Once we mastered this plant, we expanded sourcing more life-changing plants from South America, the Pacific Islands, and Africa. We have personally met every farmer we source our products from and have visited every location from steep ridges of Sumatran volcanos to the remote riverbanks of Amazonas in Bolivia.


All of our products are grown organically and sustainably in their natural habitats as a natural part of the ecosystem.

No pesticides are being used in the cultivation of our products. We take the safety of our products seriously and demand this from our suppliers as well. We have a rigorous testing regime in place to ensure everything we ship from our facilities, fulfill and exceed not only the federal standards but our strict standards as well. 

We put a lot of emphasis that the products we source, enhance the standard of living in the regions by bringing possibilities to families for whom the land is often the only mean of income.

Often in local communities, people still live in a more or less shift economy.

As a good example, Kratom creates ecological work in areas where people otherwise would end up working in oil plantations in horrible work conditions. Kratom grows sustainably close to locals' homes or even in their front yards.


If you are not happy with our product we will replace it. We believe in our products as strongly as we believe in nature and its power in well being. Our mission is to spread this joy to the world and that is why customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!